Valarie Brown Stephens

I knew Cathy for a number of years through e-mails, but I didn’t officially meet Cathy until June 2004 at the Fitness Universe where Wendi West was crowned. I knew her body of work through the competitors she had worked with and the friends I shared with her, such as Dawn Butterfield, Wendi West, Toneka Pires, Jennifer Tedford Zuba just to name a few. I had choreographed my own routines up until my win in 2003 with Fitness America. I was out of ideas and I really needed some fresh ideas and eyes for my next routine. Cathy “the Almighty” was willing and eager to work with me. Alongside her was another talented lady named Paula Harvey (another dancer). I traveled to Boston for her annual winter fitness extravaganza, and with the three of us working together we completed my routine in less than an hour and a half – and performing it. In that time period, I was so amazed and intrigued with the knowledge this lady knew about the industry and the different organizations were truly looking for. In all honesty there are only 3 people that I go to for advice and Cathy is definitely one of them. I am proud to call Cathy my friend.

– Valarie Brown Stephens
Fitness America Champion 2003
WNSO Pro Fitness Athlete