Shannon Petralito

Where do I even begin? In 2009 I had a desire to compete in my first figure competition. I traveled to New York to compete in NPC Atlantic States. I remember being back stage by myself not knowing what the heck I was doing, everyone had their fellow competitors with them, make up artists ect… I sat in a corner with my suitcase & I was so nervous! I distinctly remember a few bikini girls talking with a woman I assumed was their coach who made it a point to come back stage & give her girls a supportive pep talk. They were all so happy & so friendly & having so much fun together. I later found out that the woman was Cathy Savage & the girls were Savage Girls. After I got home I looked her up & my desire to learn all I could about the industry led me to set a goal & attend Camp Savage that winter & it was one of the best decisions I ever made.
Not only have I learned a tremendous amount about the sport of competing these past
few years but I have learned so much about myself. There is so much more to this than
the training & dieting & stepping on a stage! I have found that what it is really all about is
the journey to get there, the friends you make, the moments you share, the support you
give & receive, the love you learn to have for yourself & others around you, believing in
yourself and never doubting who you are & not being afraid to become the person you
have always wanted to be.

Becoming a part of this beautiful sisterhood has changed my life. I had pretty much
given up on the love, trust & friendships of other women, throughout my life I had been
deceived & hurt too many times. I guess you could say I began to have a chip on my
shoulder & took on the attitude that “ all I need is myself, my husband, my son & my
family.” However, there was a void in my life without that female companionship. One of
the biggest gifts I have been given over the past few years is the chance to build some
of the most beautiful & honest relationships with some of the greatest women I know!
Cathy & all of the coaches are not only in my opinion the best in the business at
providing women the tools they need to be successful athletes/fitness models but they
offer so much more to women by teaching us how to love & respect ourselves & each
other to believe in ourselves & to do this together as a TEAM…. this is what Savage
Cathy & all of the coaches genuinely love each & every women that joins the Savage
family. We are all their children in a sense, it is by far the most loving, supportive &
REAL family that you will be a part of! As a Savage Girl I have already done so many things I never thought would be possible a few years back! In a million years I never thought you would see me do a sportswear theme!!! I never thought I would be able to pull it off, it wasnʼt me…or so I thought! I LOVED it! When I told Cathy I was thinking about doing it she & the coaches never doubted me for a second, they are always so supportive of you pushing yourself past those boundaries. I am eager to see what the future holds for me & for all of us! I love my Savage family & thank you all for making me a better person just by knowing you & sharing this amazing journey together!
Cathy, thank you for sharing the gift that you have in making everyone around you
believe in themselves to follow their dreams & never ever give up & enjoy this journey
called life! It is amazing! I love you!

2011 Mrs. Figure Universe
Ms. Bikini Universe/Classic  5th Place
2011 Fitness New England Championships
Ms. Figure Classic ,1st Place
Ms. Bikini Classic, 3rd Place
2010 Mrs. Figure Universe, Tall, 5th Place
2010 Fitness New England Championships
Overall Figure Winner – Mrs. Figure New England
2010 Jay Cutler Classic, Figure B 1st Place
2010 Team Universe, Figure D, 16th Place