Shana Martin

When I started competing as a teenager about 10 years ago, I was one of those fitness competitors who “didn’t quite get it.” In 2003, I heard a few girls backstage raving about Cathy’s choreography, so the next spring I flew to Boston to have her create a routine for me. Not only did she do that, but she helped me with my heel walking, quarter turns, strength moves, and anything else I needed for show preparation. If I had a chance to spend this weekend with Cathy 5 years earlier, I think my fitness career would have a much different history!

My competition placings moved much higher, but most importantly, I finally had confidence in myself on stage. I knew that I had worked with the best and I could be proud of what I was performing. Not only that, I also felt comfortable giving advice to newer competitors! Now in Madison, WI we have a group of fitness and figure girls who I help using Cathy’s training and philosophy.

What really makes Cathy and her staff shine goes much beyond the great choreography and stage skills. They all have a positive energy that cannot be explained until you are in the same room with them. No girl can become a fitness competitor overnight, but after going to Camp Savage or meeting with them personally at their studio, she will leave with the tools, motivation, and positivity needed to climb to the top.

– Shana Martin
Madison, WI
2005 Ms. Fitness Michigan Champion
2005 Fitness America World Championships – 13th place
2007 Women’s Tri Fitness World Championships 1st in age class
2007 Women’s Tri Fitness Fall Classic 2nd overall, 1st in routines
2007 Fitness America World Championship – 5th Place