Rhianna DaCruz

When I first decided I was going to do Fitness America Pageants, I figured I would try to do everything on my own my first year. I found out about Camp Savage through the internet, and decided to go and take in as much as possible about competing. The camp was amazing and I learned such an incredible amount, but what shocked me was that Cathy was so willing to help when she did not really know me yet. She also supported me at my 1st show. That is when I realized that she wasn’t in it just for the competitive aspect of the sport, but that she really wants to help each girl be the best person they can be through fitness.

Needless to say, my routine, since I had done it on my own, needed some tweaking. Cathy was there from show to show to teach me and fix some of my poor choices of costume, music selection, etc. She just knows every aspect of competing so well!! Although I did okay my first year competing, I knew that I could do so much better with Cathy’s choreography and guidance from the start. So far I’ve placed 2nd in the Fitness Universe Pageant, but most importantly, am having more fun than ever now that I’m part of such a great team! She’s super talented, an amazing friend, a lot of fun, and will make every women who works with her shine like the brightest star in the sky!

– Rhianna DaCruz
2005 Fitness America World Championships, 2nd place
Fitness Universe Runner Up 2005
Fitness Atlantic, 2nd place 2004
Fitness New York, Runner Up 2004
Fitness America Nationals 6th place 2004