Racquel Wright

Being affiliated with the best competition prep organization in the industry affords you an experience you will not soon forget. You will find that being a part of Cathy Savage Fitness really is more than competition prep; it is prep for living the most healthy, balanced lifestyle. Beyond top nutrition and workout protocol, prepare to be educated, inspired, encouraged, and challenged to stretch yourself beyond what you believe is possible in order to achieve your goals. For me, a healthy, active lifestyle has always been a common thread in my life, from participating in organized sports such as basketball, volleyball, and track & field as an accomplished athlete to formal dance training. It wasn’t until after graduate school and my first job to start my career in “corporate America” that I began to wonder if there was more to life than my recurring routine—church, home, work, and the gym. Although I adore and appreciate all of these important aspects of my life that play an integral role in shaping who I am, I knew there had to be more to my weekly routine. With such a routine, I was seriously beginning to wonder if I was in the midst of the movie Groundhog Day, but the weekly version! I truly missed being an athlete and performing, and asked myself, “What could I do to continue to dance and perform in a team environment that won’t interfere with my career?” That led me to join the Minnesota Vikings and Minnesota Timberwolves organizations, where I was a Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader for five years and a Minnesota Timberwolves Cheerleader for one season. Following my affiliation with these wonderful organizations, I decided to earn my group fitness certification to begin teaching and sharing my love of health and fitness with others. It was then that members and friends at the gym encouraged me to compete, but I was too reserved and modest, and had never worn a bikini. Fast forward several years later and I finally decide to step out on faith and try this sport after a member, who was taking my class at the gym, encouraged me to compete and told me about his daughter who was a figure competitor. I am so grateful I adhered to his advice and listened to that small, still voice on the inside. Having met his daughter for that added inspiration and assurance, I felt more comfortable taking this leap of faith.
Following a win at my first regional Fitness America competition, I decided to attend my first national event: Fitness Universe. It was there where I became star struck by everyone I had read about—Andi, Annette, Gretchen, Lindsay, Lori, and Stephanie. Each had an amazing presence and quiet confidence about them, which I loved. Recognizing I was a novice at the sport, two Savage Girls encouraged me throughout the entire weekend. At the time, I didn’t realize they were Savage Girls, just really nice people. Once I learned more about Cathy Savage Fitness following my experience, I knew I wanted to be a part of this organization and help and inspire others just as I had been helped. I am pleased to say I have found my team environment again—an environment steeped in friendship, camaraderie and support. There is nothing that can compare to being affiliated with a sisterhood of professional women who exemplify excellence, share the same passion for health and fitness, and have a proclivity to support each other along the journey. Oh, and might I add that whether you’re on the competition stage or life’s stage, you are never alone: You’ll always have your Savage sisters behind you, beside you, and in front of you cheering you on! What an amazing feeling that is.
Again, it’s all about the friendship. Because of Cathy Savage Fitness, I have met so many wonderful people. Cathy, who is quite an accomplished business woman, has an exceptional gift of connecting people and transforming athletes from good to great. Not only is this a transformation of the body, but a transformation and renewal of your heart and mind toward a healthy lifestyle. Cathy and her team of experienced, credentialed coaches, especially Coach Rachel, have enhanced my knowledge of this industry. I count it all joy and consider it a blessing and honor to be a part of this amazing team and look forward to giving back, as a CSF Ambassador, what I’ve been given through being a part of the Savage sisterhood. Therefore, thank you, Cathy Savage for stepping out on faith and starting your extraordinary organization years ago that touches so many lives. You not only prepare women for the competition stage, but you prepare and empower them for life’s stage. I am grateful to Cathy Savage Fitness for touching my heart in the most profound way and for giving me new friends and an experience that will last a lifetime. Join Cathy Savage Fitness—you’ll be so glad you did!

Fitness Universe 2011—Ms. Bikini Universe, Third Place
Fitness Universe Two-Time Reigning Ms. Bikini Dixie Champion
Fitness Universe Dixie Championships 2010—Ms. Bikini Dixie Champion
Atlanta Fitness Championships 2010—Fitness Model Champion, C Class
Fitness Universe 2010—For my first national competition, placed top 20 in Bikini
Fitness Universe Dixie Championships 2009—Ms. Bikini Dixie Champion

*Photo courtesy of John Atherton.