Nikki Bongiovanni

Photo Credit: Jason Halbert

In 2005 I entered my first fitness competition. I was completely clueless, nervous, and lost back stage! It must have been obvious that I was a little out of place because before I knew what was going on, I had all hands of a bunch of Savage Girls on deck! One fixing my tan, one curling my hair, and another putting makeup on me. I had no association with Team Savage, had never been in contact with any of them, and didn’t reach out for any help. However, I had a team of women on my side…caring, loving, supportive, and so generous! These characteristics are not just those of a team, but of a family. In an industry so cut throat and competitive as the fitness World is, Savage Girls stand out above the rest! I wanted to
be just like them! Not just because of their stage presence or endless titles, but because of

the kind of women they were. Beautiful on stage but even more so off stage. I was determined to meet the mentor of all these wonderful women who were changing and inspiring my destiny. Cathy and I were in contact after that first competition and have never looked back. I am going on 8 years now as a Savage Girl and I can honestly say joining this family was one of the biggest, most pivotal decisions I

have ever made. I have learned how to achieve my dream body, live a balanced life, and feel the best I ever have! Cathy, her staff, and her entire team have changed my life beyond words. I absolutely love being apart of something so meaningful, so empowering, and so family orientated. There is no other sisterhood out there quite like it. We push each other to be our best, support each other
on and off the stage, and love each other unconditionally.

Photo Credit: Jason Halbert

Needless to say…I will be a Savage Girl for life!!!

2005 Fitness New York 3rd place
2005 Fitness America 7th place
2006 Fitness Atlantic 2nd place
2006 Fitness New York 1st place
2006 Fitness Universe 4th place
2006 Fitness America 4th place
2007 Fitness America 6th place
2009 Fitness Atlantic 1st place
2010 Jay Cutler 1st place
2010 Arnold Classic 2nd place
2011 Fitness Universe 7th place
2012 Fitness New England 2nd place
2012 Fitness Superbody 1st place
2012 Fitness America 2nd place