Nadine du Toit

When I first came across Cathy Savage Fitness late 2009, I was an air hostess in Dubai who was doing moderately ‘okay-ish’ , but lonely in my pursuit of enjoying a healthy fit life and body. 2 years later the pictures looks dramatically different. With the help and support of CSF, I’m the owner of a very successful life coaching and fitness consulting company,, have competed AND WON in various international fitness competitions, have been published in fitness publications like Oxygen, Fitness and Physique magazines and I’m only just starting my career in fitness!

None of the above tops the BEST thing about being a Savage girl…and that is: you are NEVER alone in this journey. The amount of love, support, generosity of heart, fun training programs, expert nutrition advice and sometimes a bit of tough-love-Cathyness inspires you to literally change the world for yourself and those around you!

If I have to make the decision to join Cathy Savage Fitness again…I WOULD, but just 10 years earlier!! These women…I mean we… will change your life FOREVER!

2011 WBFF Championships, Boston – 3rd place, Diva Fitness Model
2011 WBFF Championships, Boston – 6th place, Diva Bikini Model
2011 Fitness America Pageant, Miami – 9th place, Bikini
2010 Fitness Universe Pageant, Las Vegas – 13th place, Bikini
2010 Fame World Championships, Las Vegas – 2nd place, Swimsuit Model
2010 Fame World Championships, Las Vegas – 4th place, Fitness Model Pro
2010 Fame South Africa, Johannesburg – 1st place, Fitness Model Pro AND Overall
2010 Mr&Ms Fitness South Africa, Capetown – 4th place, Bikini

Image by Claude Taylor