Michelle Allen

When I started with Cathy in January of 2010, I was your typical skinny-fat girl who ran four miles in the gym and drove straight to McDonald’s for a huge cheeseburger (and fries, duh) after. I could never understand why I didn’t look like the girls in the dozen fitness magazines that were delivered to my house every month. I mean, I did cardio that was all I needed right? My growing pants size said no.
I decided I needed to do something about it when I realized lying on the floor and having my best friend zip and button my jeans just was not normal. I started researching diets/trainers/workouts, really ANYTHING I could find about getting in shape. I came across a picture on the internet of Lori Harder competing and instantly knew that was how I wanted to look. Happy, confident and strong. I honestly had no idea that competing was even an option. I thought that was for all those huge guys who looked like they warmed up by squatting cars or buses or something. Not little ol’ me. The only thing I lifted was a shopping bag or a cheeseburger. Once I found out that Lori trained with Cathy Savage I had to know more about this woman and I soon found out she had a whole team of girls who looked how I wanted to look. Not just appearance wise, they truly seemed happy. I wanted that. Some personal issues with my family had zapped my happiness and I wanted it back.
I can honestly say that joining Team Savage was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I feel like a new person, not just physically, but emotionally and mentally as well. The support is truly amazing. If I am ever down, I know I have many teammates I can count on for a pick me up. Cathy and my coach, Nichole, have helped me with so many things over this past year and a half; my wedding, flying for the first time ever and of course stepping on stage in a very sparkly bikini for the first time just to name a few. This is no longer just about being able to button my clothes on my own anymore, this is my lifestyle, and I love it. I got my happy back!

2011 INBF Southern Natural Swimsuit Overall Champion