Michele Welcome

I’ve been a competitor since 2002 when I started as a natural bodybuilder and made the transition in 2005 to Figure after meeting Cathy Savage for the first time.  Actually, the first time I showed up at her studio for a Sunday Session she told me to do a local show that was ONE month out…..and I had not been consistent with training and had no idea how to pose or work the stage as a Figure Contestant.  Cathy drills the basics into you (posing, nutrition, exercise) and will teach you how to pose properly in every federation so through her guidance I did that first Figure show and the rest is history.  What I learned is that although you might not be a pro your first time out, you will certainly gain confidence and eventually learn how to work the stage like a Savage Girl! Cathy and her Team (including the amazing Coach Jen) will show you how health and fitness are a lifestyle that is obtainable for all.  Competing shouldn’t be a crazy 12-16 week diet down.  Are there sacrifices? YES; as my favorite competitor, Dawn Butterfield once said, “If you eat like everyone else; you will look like everyone else.”  With Cathy’s guidance and instruction, you will learn how to make small adjustments to your health, nutrition, and training so when a local show comes up, you won’t feel overwhelmed as you consider giving the show a shot.  With Team Savage, health and nutrition are a lifestyle and shows are only mile-markers along the way. Besides a physique transformation, what I love about working with Cathy over the years is how she encourages you how to not only have fun competing as an individual, but as a TEAM.  When I was a bodybuilder I never thought about making friends and competing with other girls and now I can’t imagine competing without this wonderful group of like-minded women who share in my passion.    When you compete with the Savage Team, you encourage each other as you prepare for the show, help each other out back stage with tanning, make-up, hair, etc.,  and root for each other as you take the stage.  And during it all, Cathy is the Mother Hen watching over us.  The Savage support system is second to none.    So thank you Cathy for being the Pioneer Fitness Coach in the fitness industry who teaches fitness as a lifestyle, who prepares us so we can feel confident on stage as a star for the day, and for bringing together such a wonderful group of women that share in the love for fitness, nutrition, and competing.  I’m proud to be a Savage Girl Veteran  ☺ –

Michele Welcome
2011 WBFF New England Championships – WBFF Figure PRO CARD
2011 Fitness America Pageant Mohegan Sun – 2nd Figure Tall
2007 Arnold Classic Figure Contestant 2005 NPC CT – Figure Overall Champion
2005 INBF Monster Mash – WNBF Figure Pro Card
2005 NPC New England –  3rd Figure Tall
2005 OCB CT Tall – 4th Place Figure Tall
2003 ANBC Natural United States Championships – Bodybuilding 3rd Place and Best Poser Award  2002 ANBC Rhode Island Natural Bodybuilding – Overall Champion and Best Poser Award
2002 INBF Northeast Classic Natural Bodybuilding – 2nd Place