Kristi Wills

After attending a fitness event, I was greatly impacted by the talent I saw and the coaching of Cathy Savage. I contacted Cathy and my life took a turn that I could only have dreamed of. Not only did fitness fill my competitive void, but I also became involved with a lifelong group of friends known as the Savage Girls. No matter what federation you compete in, they are always there to give you the support you need to make yourself the best that you can be, you never feel like you compete against each other, rather you feed off of one another and you want to see everyone succeed! It’s amazing to see the first time competitors transform to become champions, with the help of Cathy and the whole team!

Cathy brings out all your strengths and takes care of your weaknesses! Even more so, she has the experience for all aspects of the sport. She will be your coach, your friend, your mentor and your mom all at once! The only thing you have to do is believe in yourself and commit to a team that will never let you down! I cannot imagine competing without the support of all of the Savage Girls. An individual doesn’t win-it’s a team effort.

– Kristi Wills
NPC Jr USA Champion
NPC Pittsburgh Champion
NPC Team Universe and National top 5 finalist