Kelley Tyan

Since high school, I’ve always been in and out of the gym but NEVER looked any different EVER! I spent hours doing all the wrong things especially eating! I was the girl that said to myself, “I worked out today so food shouldn’t matter.” I ate whatever I wanted and never saw any results in my body. I was the skinny fat girl. After having 2 children and being diagnosed with breast cancer at 34 years old, I decided to make a change in my fitness lifestyle. I started my own bootcamp for women and worked out regularly but still never had the body I always dreamed of. It wasn’t until my friend Kristin Dagilis introduced me to the program “Hot for the Holidays” with Cathy Savage that my whole world changed. I went to Camp Savage last January not knowing a thing about fitness competitions and wow how everything changed so FAST! I signed up for the Fitness New England show in April entering the bikini classic division and I won!! I was thrilled and couldn’t believe it. I thought I may be done competing but Cathy Savage said no way and I was off to Miami Universe in June. I competed in the classic bikini division again and I won again!!! Now I was totally hooked!! It wasn’t even the trophy that hooked me. It was the new friendships I made, the team of Savage sisters I met, my fabulous coaches, and Cathy Savage herself. I knew I found a new fitness family. Everyone was there for each other and leaned on each other and I wanted to be part of that. All these beautiful and fit girls were so supportive of each other in such a non competitive atmosphere. I wanted to be around these Savage girls all the time because they are so uplifting, dedicated as mothers, sisters, and friends.

Photo Credit: Jason Halbert

My next venture was heading to Las Vegas with my team of new friends and I competed again in the classic bikini division. Once again, they called my name and I won! All I wanted to do was cry tears of happiness and thanksgiving because I was so overwhelmed and thankful for Cathy Savage for creating this world for girls like me. It was never about winning a trophy because honestly, I never expected it and still cannot believe it. It is way more than that. I’ve realized how dedicated, determined, and driven I can be for myself and my family. No matter what adversities come into my life, I will never give up on my dreams because hard work truly pays off. I have grown so much this past year in ways I can’t even express. Thanks to Cathy and her team of coaches, I am in a place in my life that I have always dreamed about being in. I want to inspire women and put belief in them that whatever they set their mind to, they can do. We must never give up and it’s never too late to start a new goal. Being 38 now, it’s only the beginning for me and I finally found a new home: Cathy Savage Fitness. 2012 Bikini America Classic Champion 2012 Bikini Universe Classic Champion