Jodi Lynn

Cathy Savage Fitness has been such a huge part of my fitness & competition journey, I cannot imagine one without the other. I was introduced to both the sport and the CSF organization by my sister-in-law, and decided to attend a Savage camp to see what it was all about. My background at the time was primarily Bikram yoga. I had been teaching and practicing religiously for about six years, but didn’t have much experience in the ‘fitness/competition’ world. What I loved about camp and Cathy’s message specifically was the road she paved for health & balance. As I listened to the overall message that weekend, I kept hearing things about longevity, self-esteem, and developing an inner healthy radiance that set Savage girls apart from the rest of the industry. We were taught about presence, confidence, and class…not anything about counting calories, diet pills, or fat burners. Nothing in the program preached about depriving yourself, gutting out your willpower, or ‘making’ it, no matter what. I was a little skeptical going in that weekend and left absolutely inspired and excited. And that was just my experience with CSF at camp!! I went on to place 7th in my first show, Fitness America Miami which was just six weeks later. Three weeks after that I placed 2nd at Southern States NPC and qualified for nationals. And the icing on the cake; I earned my pro-card in the WBFF 2 months later.

So what made me stand out amongst 80 other girls in my open class? There was a sea of beautiful and nearly perfect bodies, gorgeous faces, and incredible suits. I believe it was the inner radiance I was taught about that made me visible to the judges. This sport is incredibly subjective and every day, every show, will be different. Every set of judges will see from their own taste and perspective. What is it about you & your life that will shine on stage, at a show, or in your life? It always comes from within first and then manifests physically. Cathy and her team know this and teach it with everything they do, from daily emails to supportive phone calls and texts right when you need it the most. I love being a part of this family as much as I do my own. My whole life is enriched every day from being a part of it.