Jessica Kenney

It may sound over-dramatic to say that Cathy Savage has changed my life, but it is the honest truth. Since joining her program, I have become a stronger, more confident, healthy, dedicated, and successful woman in all aspects of my life, not just fitness. Cathy is not only a coach, but a role model, friend, and mother-figure. She is “THE” mother of fitness and I have seen 1st hand the impact she has on the lives of woman from all walks of life.
I did not have a clue of what I was getting myself into when I decided to go to Camp Savage in hopes to compete in fitness one day. Cathy and P immediately said, “you are doing fitness”, well, I didn’t know anything else existed in the sport! Glam, bling, rhinestones, tanner, heels, make-up, etc. Sign me up! Being an ex-collegiate cheerleader, a major girly-girly, and a health-conscious chick, this was all right up my alley, but I never would have unlocked my inner “diva” without the help of Cathy and the support of her coaches. I had 11 weeks to prepare for my first show, and that’s when it all began: a passion for the adrenalin rush on stage; a love for meeting and becoming friends with inspirational woman from all over the world; and a desire to make and achieve personal goals I had never thought possible. This new passion in my life was only possible because of Cathy, the support of her amazing coaches, and being part of a team of amazing woman. Without them I could confidently say that I would not have survived through this sport for as long as I have and will. It would lack the “fun”, and “puppy dogs and rainbows” that Cathy likes to bring to it.
Above all, thanks to Cathy, all that I have learned for “stage” I have been able to apply to all aspects of my life: leading a healthy fulfilling and balanced life, educating my clients (children with disabilities) on healthy habits that can truly heal; having the confidence to start my own non-profit organization, as well as the confidence to make decisions that help me live my life to its fullest. When joining Cathy Savage Fitness, you are signing up for more than a “fitness show prep” program; you are preparing yourself for a life changing experience.I am honored to call Cathy and her team of coaches, who I all love so dearly, my friends.

– Jessica Kenney
NPC Rhode Island 2008 Overall Bikini Champion
FAP: Fitness New York 2008 4th place Bikini
FAP: Ms. Bikini Capital Overall Winner 2009
FAP: Ms. Bikini Midwest Overall Winner 2009
FAP: Ms. Fitness Midwest Overall Winner 2009
Fitness America Pageant, Las Vegas 6th place 2009
Ms. Bikini America Pageant, Las Vegas 4th place 2009
Arnold Amateur Bikini 5th place 2010
FAP: Ms. Fitness New England Overall Winner 2010
FAP: Ms. Bikini New England 4th place Winner 2010
NPC: New England Jay Cutler Show Overall Fitness Champion 2010
Fitness Universe Pageant 6th place 2010
Ms. Bikini Universe Pageant, 3rd place 2010