Jamie Lynn Hughes

Photo Credit: Jason Halbert

Before I became a part of Cathy’s program, my life was characterized by a series of “failures to launch.” I always had big dreams and some things I tried to do with one foot in. But making the decision to become a Savage Girl was the turning point in my life toward a new career and a new life full of possibilities! This is so much more than a workout plan. In fact, I think the workouts are secondary to everything else involved with being a Savage Girl! Cathy is here to develop your career (if you want), help you with your confidence, teach you about being a strong woman and, along with your teammates and coaches, offer you TRUE friendship that will last a lifetime! In the two years I’ve been competing, Cathy has helped me achieve six Top-5 placings (five of them in the Top-3) and now, I am looking forward to a career in fitness brighter than I had ever imagined before! I love Cathy, my coach Jules, and this team with all my heart. And I will forever be a Savage Girl!!!

2011 Fitness Lonestar- Bikini Short- 3rd
2011 Fitness America- Bikini Medium- 5th
2012 Fitness Lonestar- Bikini Short- 3rd
2012 Fitness Universe- Bikini Medium- 2nd
2012 Fitness America- Bikini Medium- 3rd
2012 Fitness America- Model Short- 3rd