Jackie Briggs

Photo Credit: Jason Halbert

After my first season with Cathy Savage Fitness, it became abundantly clear that she was the pioneer in the industry of coaching fitness. She truly wants the best for each person and she has not only helped me gain new titles of achievement in the fitness arena but in many other aspects of life as well. With the guidance of Cathy and her fabulous staff we have worked in a consistent, measurable way towards my goals that I set for myself each year. I put in the work and trusted the process as they led by example. In no time my goals were being checked off of my vision board, and I was on my way to a healthy, peaceful, and well balanced life.
Cathy makes it very clear that her team celebrates the journey of competing and self-value rather than the importance of a trophy or title. She has taken me in and treated me like a daughter which I am so thankful for. I can’t thank her enough for the opportunities and generosity she has provided me with. Her staff is also top notch. The coaches are all so caring and helpful and really are the best in the industry. I also couldn’t have done any of this with my mentor Paula Harvey, who has persistently held me accountable for the high standards that we set for each season. She will help me practice whenever she has a free minute and is always brainstorming creative ways to spice things up. Her passion and love for each of us is amazing. I admire her and Cathy so much for their goodwill.
Cathy Savage Fitness is where I belong and feel so loved. It is my second family. I can’t imagine where I would be in life right now without the life coaching that these amazing women have provided me with. I am so grateful for this team and its ability to help me see beyond my own small world into a more expansive and joyful world. With hard work, trust, and perseverance they have proved the sky is the limit for anyone on our team. They truly care about each athlete so much, and that is why I am proud to be a Savage girl.
2010 Fitness Atlantic, Fitness-4th place
2010 NPC Bikini, 3rd place
2010 Fitness America New York, Bikini 5th place, Fitness 1st place
2011 Fitness Universe, Miami- Bikini 7th place, Fitness 8th place
2011 WBFF Bikini Diva Top 5
2012 Fitness America, Foxwoods, Bikini 4th place, Fitness 2nd place
2012 Fitness Universe, Miami- Fitness 5th place- Fitness PRO Card Earned
2012 Fitness America, Las Vegas, Fitness 3rd place