Crystal Kenny

The core to balance involves achievement and enjoyment, strong words coming from Cathy Savage herself.

The ability to juggle work, family, friends and self has been a test throughout my fitness journey.  Having three children, a husband, working and friends from every walk of life, I needed to figure out how to bring it all together.

Before attending my first Cathy Savage Camp in Toronto, Canada back in August 2010, I had consumed myself with unrealistic fitness goals and had no idea how to enjoy this small sport in a way that didn’t affect everyone around me.  I was over supplementing, emotionally exhausted and basically lost my sense of enjoyment when it came to training.

Cathy and her incredible staff showed me the importance of balance. Clean eating with variety, intense workouts and continual support made the journey realistic and has proven to be the right approach.

When you become a person that not only gets things done but also enjoys doing, it attracts people to you.  Happy thoughts attract happy people, this being the Savage way.  It’s not about the end result but the journey itself.

Cathy Savage has brought empowerment and support like none I’ve ever encountered.  Competing this past June in Miami at fitness Universe demonstrated the true effects of her passion to the sport and to each and every one of us as a team.  The scream and encouragement from the crowd as each Savage athlete hit the stage was incredibly memorable, something I will never forget.

I will never turn back, I will continue to set goals and learn about myself through this incredible group of woman that inspire me every day.


2009 IDFA, 11th place
2010 OPA O’Brien/Luchka Classic, 6th place
2010 WBFF Worlds, 5th place
2010 Fitness Canada, 1st place Figure
2011 Fitness Universe Miami, 7th place Figure