Carol Lama

My name is Carol Lama from Toronto Canada. I attended my first CSF camp in August 2010! I went to get some pointers on a sassy strut..and I left with a passion for competing and team spirit I couldn’t imagine!

I find it hard to believe it has only been 10 months since I first joined! I have made some of the most valuable friendships of my life since becoming a Savage Girl. The support and energy is incredible. And that is just online… watch out when you get a group together! Whether its 2 or 150 savage girls…you can feel the energy!

And I LOVE it!

I recently competed at Fitness Universe in Miami and came 3rd in Classic Figure and 7th in Classic Bikini! And I was on stage with 4 other savage girls! How much fun did we have.. The best show experience ever!

I am now a Savage Ambassador and am spreading the love all around up in Canada!!!