Carine Duval

I have so many wonderful things to say about Cathy Savage, the Savage coaches, and my Savage sisters. I consider them my second family! The bonds and friendships I’ve formed within the Savage Team are one’s I never thought existed. Cathy Savage Fitness is not just a “program,” it’s a sisterhood in which I feel so fortunate to be part of. It has been an amazing experience with such amazing people. Cathy, my Savage coaches, especially Mel and Paula, have given me so much support and guidance, that I will be forever grateful for. They all have faith in me and my abilities to push me to where I am today. I’ve created a special relationship with my coach Mel, and she has become such an important person in my life whom I look up to. Cathy and my coaches have given me direction and taught me so much about competing, but most importantly they’ve proven that they genuinely care about me and all of us in the Savage family as individuals. When I’m up on stage, and I look out and see Cathy and the Savage coaches in the audience shouting and cheering in support for me, all my nerves and anxiety fade away. At that moment, they truly touch my heart, and at the same time make me laugh inside, because they’re the loudest group in the audience! Cathy and the coaches work so hard, and dedicate so much of their time to keep us focused and guide us to success. When Savage came into my life, I was distraught emotionally and physically in almost every aspect of my life. I was dealing with an ongoing medical issue, and struggling with my career. It wasn’t until one of my friends, now my Savage sister, introduced me to Cathy Savage Fitness. I was marathon runner, and I was always into staying fit, but never thought of getting up in front of an audience in a bikini! Well, I made a decision to commit and I joined! It’s been one of the best decisions I made in my life to better my life! Because of the faith and encouragement shown by Cathy and my coaches, I dedicated myself to a more positive outlook on life. It was then when I realized how special the Savage team is. I truly believe people come into our lives for a reason and I thank God every day for this opportunity. This new attitude and perspective on life, has given me my self esteem and self confidence back. But most of all, I’ve gained new relationships with some of the best people on earth!
I undoubtedly admire and respect Cathy for the way she manages everything from her personal life with her family and her Savage family, to building such a successful business, and still have time to make everyone in her life feel important and special. She is such a remarkable person. Cathy strives to help people be the best they can be. I honestly don’t know how she has time to do it all! At times I feel there are two of her!
I started with Savage Fitness last year at the age of 42. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? Well, I’m living proof it isn’t! I started competing in October 2010, and I placed in all my competitions, and most recently was awarded my WBFF Pro Card!!! The message I would like to send to every person out there is that it’s never too late in your life for change, and that dreams can become reality. With direction, support, focus and dedication, nothing is impossible. The Savage Team has helped me accomplish at least two of my goals. One was to be a happier, more positive person, and two was to place first in a competition. I’ve successfully achieved both with the help of Cathy and my coaches. I have many more goals to achieve, and I have no doubt I will reach them! Thanks to Cathy and the Savage coaches for believing in me, especially when I didn’t. I love you all!

2010-First Place Bikini Classic NPC New England Championships
2010-Fourth Place Bikini Short NPC New England Championships
2010-Finalist Bikini Classic Fitness America Weekend Las Vegas
2011-Second Place Bikini Classic Fitness New England 2011-Fourth Place Model Division Fitness new England 2011-First Place Bikini Fitness Classic WBFF Eastern US Championships 2011-WBFF Pro Card