Naomi Rotstein

Naomi Rotstein

From an early age, Naomi had a passion and curiosity for the effects of exercise on the human body. She attributes her initial love for health, fitness and nutrition to her parents, who always demonstrated the importance of activity, team sports, and healthy cooking at home.

Naomi holds her BS in Exercise Science and minor in Nutrition from Ithaca College. She is an ACSM cPT, applying what she has learned each and everyday with her clients at work. In addition to her personal training business, Naomi is also the founder and editor of, where she shares healthy recipes, exercise tips, workouts and motivation for thousands of readers.

With each of her clients, Naomi shares the importance of exercise and healthy habits complimenting their hard efforts with healthy eating. Naomi is a true believer in balance when it comes to working out. She believes that to transform your life and achieve ultimate health it is not about losing weight or how many calories you eat each day, rather it is about changing your outlook on how you see exercise and food. Properly balanced, these two things are not a threat, but instead are powerful tools used to achieve ultimate health.

Under the expert guidance of Cathy Savage and her team, Naomi competed in her first FAP show at Mohegan Sun in April, 2011. This was a milestone that she spent more than 20 years working towards. The support, camaraderie, tools and wealth of knowledge the CSF staff shares made the competition a life-changing experience. Naomi not only transformed her body, but also her outlook, her life, and her mind. She learned things about herself, limits she could surpass and self-esteem she never in her life felt before. Now, more than two years later and 4 shows under her belt she could not be more honored to be a Cathy Savage Fitness Coach.

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