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Tips to Avoid the Post-Show Blow Up

By Coach Andi

Coming out of a show can be very challenging physically and mentally!  You trained for so long, ate super clean, and stayed super focused on one goal.  Now the shows over, and it’s time to party!  NOT SO FAST!!!!  Yes it’s okay to have a few of the things you have been longing for, but all in moderation, and not all at once!  Below are some tips for having a smooth post show, and avoiding the blow up!

  • Check in with your Savage Coaches!
  • Get back on plan and slowly introduce foods back into your diet.  Don’t go hog wild all at once, as you may upset your stomach.
  • Look at pictures and videos from your show, and see what you need to work on.
  • Develop new goals with your coach – short and long term.
  • Schedule a photo shoot in a month or two to hold yourself accountable.
  • Don’t miss your check-ins, and make sure to include your food log and pictures.
  • Don’t be freaked out by gaining 5lbs back.  While we don’t want you blowing up, it’s not realistic to stay stage ready all the time.
  • Eat a variety of foods and utilize your Isagenix products!
  • Plan your weekly reward meal.  Enjoy it, but don’t go overboard.
  • Train like a machine!  Use the extra food you are eating for fuel, and really work to make the changes you want for next time!
  • Keep practicing your posing, and do it in your competition suit!  There is nothing more motivating than that little sparkly napkin as Coach Jen likes to call it!
  • Get plenty of sleep!
  • Drink your water!!!

One Response to Tips to Avoid the Post-Show Blow Up

  1. I love this post :) when I did my show I definitely had post show blow-up. Like 20 pound blow-up :( it sucked. I haven’t stepped on a scale and looked at it since. It’s been quite a while. But it’s only a number and is one less thing I have to stress about because as a fit woman it is unrealistic. I may drop 10 pounds of fat but gain 8 of lean muscle and look sexier than ever :)

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