Speaking Engagements


Cathy’s Speaking and Areas of Expertise

1# The Business of Health and Fitness:
As a fitness pioneer, Cathy has spent a lifetime in the fitness world and she has seen it all. She has built two multi million dollar businesses through her signature approach to nutrition, wellness and fitness. Learn how she built one of the most successful businesses in the fitness world, without a playbook and how you can follow in her footsteps.

cathyspeak22# How to promote your business and build your unique brand:
Cathy shares her stories and gives practical advice on how to simplify the process of building an empire. She can teach beginners and veteran entrepreneurs how to make their mark in the business world, and how to avoid the common pitfalls that so many rookies make.

3# How to Own your Chaos and be a “Fire Starter”:
Women search for balance in their lives and Cathy is here to say that “balance” is a bunch of crap. She teaches women to “Own their chaos” and to enjoy the roller coaster ride called life. Through her spontaneous wit and infinite wisdom, Cathy paints a picture of reality, and how your lack of perfection will help you soar, both personally and professionally.

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