Cathy and her team will create a routine which meets every standard of success for any federation. Every federation is different and Cathy knows exactly what the judges are looking for in each federation. Savage Girl’s routines are famous for their WOW factor and signature strength moves as well as their polished transitions and originality. Cathy will take the time to assess your strengths and bring out your inner “Diva”.

Whether you are a national champion or competing for the first time, Cathy and the Savage coaches will create a memorable routine that will make you shine onstage!

“If you are interested in competing you have to learn from the best! In my opinion I have found that with Savage Choreography! I talked with Cathy about the kind of music I like and shared my areas I am strong in. She and her fabulous team choreographed the routine, filmed it, and sent it via video. It’s perfect!”
~Danielle McGlynn, Fitness and Bikini model

In studio or by video delivered via “Drop Box”, Cathy and her team will create a magical routine!

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* Routine music must be ready prior to scheduling a choreography appointment – this typically takes about 4-6 weeks


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