All Inclusive Academy


6 months all-inclusive academy that teaches you how to become a Lifestyle Coach.

Help others live healthier lifestyles while creating the business of your dreams!

$3900 payment in full or payment plan $1500 upon joining, $1500 January 10th, $1500 January 30th

Join our 6 month all-inclusive academy that teaches you how to
become a Lifestyle coach.

Our program teaches you the mechanics of great coaching as well as building an online business.

Master the art of coaching and how to build and promote your services.

At Cathy Savage Fitness, we do things differently….

Cathy has helped entrepreneurs build their own special brand and
businesses for decades and this latest academy will be the best yet!

lifestyle academy

Have you ever wanted to learn more about how to live a healthy lifestyle?

Have you ever wanted to help others live a better life?

Have you ever wanted to be a role model for:

 ✔ more energy
 ✔ more happiness
more fulfillment in life
creating your own tribe
 ✔ leading by example

Being a lifestyle coach may be your answer!

As a lifestyle coach

you help guide clients towards healthier habits, step-by-step.

If your dream is to work in a more clinical environment, our academy can be used as an enhancement to an RD (Registered Dietician) program.

The Lifestyle coach, does not treat or diagnose health conditions.

They do not order blood work but they can often work with a client’s physician to offer support.

Implementation of lifestyle changes, accountability, strategy, and support are the biggest roles that a lifestyle coach can manage as their clients build a foundation of healthy habits for life.

Build your own coaching business that fits your needs.

It is a perfect enhancement to a home based business.

A lifestyle coach does not have to be a health coach or fitness trainer.

A lifestyle coach guides their clients to live a healthy lifestyle by offering guidance in:

Choosing healthy foods
Ways to ease stress
Goals for weight management
Sleep tips and techniques
Stress strategies
and so much more!

If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, or you are currently improve upon your healthy lifestyle, and you want to inspire others by building your own community and business, then you would make a perfect lifestyle coach!


Imagine helping people live a healthier lifestyle without a diet.

In this course you will learn how to work with mainstream populations and to be a “lifestyle leader".

Imagine making your lifestyle your livelihood!
The world needs lifestyle coaches!!

This is for you if: 

  • You want to make your hobby a high paying career 
  • You have an idea but you need the step by step process to launch  
  • You want to stand out online with video and new advances but you feel you need guidance 
  • You have a product and feel you are not leveraging it enough  
  • You want a coach and mentor who has already successfully helped others 
  • You want to build an online business but you cant give up your day job yet.


  • You have responsibilities like kids, pets etc and you need a program that works around your schedule  
  • You are tired of the fluffy “Captain Obvious” programs that don’t individually guide you 
  • Network marketers, health coaches, or any lifestyle enthusiasts. You do not need to be a trainer or health coach to start this program.  
  • You want to learn all about living a healthy lifestyle so you can help others do the same  

This is NOT for you if: 

  • You aren’t willing to commit to your own goals 
  • You have no idea what the heck you actually want
  • You aren’t willing to network with the best in the industry and learn in our mastermind setting 

The academy includes a VIDEO intensive where you will master your video presence such as Facebook Live, IG stories, and more.

Through broadcasting techniques, and sharing your story with confidence and charisma, your business will begin to take life.

The academy then takes you into modules, individual video coaching in our mastermind, and constant video interaction LIVE classes with Cathy and her special guests which include industry powerhouses.

** Assignments handed in will be given individual feedback when received. This is what makes our program so “Hands On” and customized to you!

Topics covered in the business section:

Laying out your business plan

Developing your Unique Expertise and develop your free offers

How to build your client base through lead magnets

Creating an additional revenue stream with products (network
marketing, direct sales or retail)

Branding the business with incredible graphic design

Communicating your story with passion and sincerity

Pricing and how to overcome the “Im afraid to charge” blocks

Your mailing system takes life!

Your specific Social Media campaign

Content creation and development

Build your special community that turns into customers

There is homework with every week to keep you on pace.

What else does this program include?

-Weekly Zoom masterminds with special guests

-Private Facebook community page

-Content that you can start with and then “Make your own”

-Follows ups after you have completed the program

Coaching section:

-Your expectations and limitations as a lifestyle coach

-Exploring dietary challenges for clients

-How to listen to your client

-Learn about today’s issues with food allergies and sensitivities

-Learn the facts of protein and vegan nutrition

-Holistic challenges, myths and trends

-How to inspire your client with clean eating, and healthy habits

-The importance of Stress techniques, mediations and visualization

-How to encourage your client to exercise regularly

-How to teach a gratitude practice to your clients

-How to coach online or in-person

and so much more!


Enjoy retreat days in Boston twice per year where you can mastermind with your fellow entrepreneurs and Cathy for a weekend of inspiration, motivation, collaboration and fun! (optional, not mandatory)

Retreat price is included in the Academy membership (travel, personal expenses and hotel not included)

This academy does not accept hundreds of students. As we work with
you, there are limited spots for individual attention.

There are only 50 spots.

First come, first serve basis.
Serious inquiries only!

Program duration 6 months. Program officially begins February 1st
(In January, we will begin our pre-program work which is optional)


About Cathy Savage

For 3 decades I have coached women helping them:

lose up to 100 lbs,
rock magazine covers,
win a world title,
prepare for their wedding,
win a marathon,
or any goal they set their mind to!