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Suit Selection…..Savage Style!




When choosing a top for your competition bikini, here are few things to keep in mind:


Top Style

  • The basic triangle top is the most popular style, and flatters every body type.


  • The keyhole style has the straps attaching in front of the neck, before connecting behind.


  • Bandeau tops can work on stage.  In lieu of the traditional tube style though, some have a broach in the center, and a wider set strap that goes around the neck, or have a strap that connects in the center then ties around the neck.










  • Avoid underwires!


  • Perfect fit is key.
  • Cleavage is fine, but make sure each breast is covered from one side to the other.  Too much side boob hanging out is not cool!
  • Avoid tying your suit too tight around your neck, or you may have under-boob sneak out.


Contrary to popular belief, shows are not won or lost on the size of your boobs!  Many flat-chested women have placed very high in shows, and many large breasted women have not done so well.  Boob size is not everything!  With that being said, padding can help create that hourglass shape that all competitors strive for.

Most designers will add padding to your suit for a small fee.  If you are not having the padding added when you place your order, make sure they leave room for you to add your own.

“Chicken cutlets” can be purchased to enhance your breasts a size or two.  Theses are little gel inserts that give fullness and lift.  You can find them at Victoria’s Secret or

Finally, make sure your padding is secure.  The last thing you want is your chicken cutlet falling out on stage.  Either glue it to your body, or have “pockets” sewn into your top, to hold the pads.


Variations for Divisions and Federations

  • Tops for figure suits should criss-cross over the lower back, and attach to the suit bottoms.

  • Bikini tops can connect strait across the back.

  • Some designers can make tops to convert from a bikini suit to a figure suit.
  • For fitness in FAP, a suit that connects across the back is fine.  For NPC fitness, your suit needs to criss-cross and connect to the bottoms (like a figure suit).

Bikini Bottoms

  • The most flattering style of bikini bottom is the scrunch butt.


  • For the bikini division, the bottoms sit lower on the hips.  For figure, the bottoms V in the front and back, and sit much higher on the hips.












  • Many designers us rhinestone extenders on the hips for decoration.
  • The fit of your bottoms is so important.  They should not cut into your sides, creating a muffin top, and you do not want them riding too high in the back (like a diaper).  They should sit comfortably on the hips, just above your butt crack in the back.  Front coverage is also important, so that you no private parts are showing.


TEAM SAVAGE is always at the top of the fashion fitness world and now we are going a step further! The good news is that saving money is going to be a BIG DEAL with sportswear this year! We want you to start with a well-fitted swimsuit that has a scrunched butt. This is the foundation for whatever your theme will be!

The theme doesn’t matter.  Start with a store bought suit that fits you well or a bra-top, and then you will STONE the heck out of it!  The theme will come to life with props and additions to the base suit.  This will save you a ton of money!

Order your crystals now at This will save you from paying for a designer to do it for you!



For blondes:  Bright ocean tones are best!  Blues, aqua, greens, pinks.

For women of color: Bright colors that pop against the skin – reds, aquas, blues, greens, purple.  Avoid dark colors, like maroon, hunter green, and navy.

For red heads: Bright blues, aquas, greens, and purples.

For dark hair: Bright jewel tones – purple, red, blue, and green.


Model Division

For Model, you will need three outfits – clubwear, sportswear, and swimwear.

  • Clubwear – A classy dress and heels are ideal for this round.  Make sure that the dress is hot without being too short or revealing.  If you look too hoochie, female judges could see you as slutty.  Keep it classy!

  • Sportswear – In Model, sportswear actually means workout clothes.  A sports bra and shorts are perfect.  Lulu Lemmon or Elisabetta Rogani have good options.  As for shoes, you can wear your clear heels or white sneakers with low white socks.  If you are wearing sneakers, they must look clean and polished!

  • Swimwear – For this round you will need a regular off-the-rack swimsuit.  Victoria’s Secret, Beach Bunny, and Chyna Dolls are all good places to look.  Stick with the scrunch butt, as it gives the best rear view!



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