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Safe Snow Shoveling

By Coach Lauren

Snow season is here!! For a lot of us (here in the Northeast especially) we’ve already had to deal with snow in October! If this is a sign of what’s to come, looks like we’ll be doing a lot of shoveling this year so we have to make sure that we are protecting ourselves, especially our backs! Shoveling can be a great workout if done correctly too.

Here are some pointers!

– Engage your core muscles! Just like when you lift, tighten your abs and keep your back in a neutral position. Keep your shoulders back as well.

– Squat when you bend to push or lift snow.

– When pushing snow, walk forwards. Do not stand still and bend forwards to push the snow, walk with it!

– Do not twist when throwing snow! Instead, move your whole body in the direction you are throwing the snow. Twisting with a load can really put your back under a LOT of stress and cause injury.

– Lift manageable amounts of snow. We all like shoveling to be done yesterday, but take your time and work in small, manageable sections.

If you take your time and engage your muscles, you will likely get a great workout and avoid injury!

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