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HOPE – Cathy’s Message

Welcome to December! Yes, the last month of 2011. Our theme for December is HOPE and naturally, this extends beyond our fitness world. Hope is an incredibly positive word. It means that you believe in something or you have something to hold on to. No matter how hard your challenges are, you know that you will come out of it. Without hope, you have nothing.

This month, think about what you have hope for. What are you hopeful about? I have hope that the world will someday find a level of peaceful coexistence. I have hope that the economic picture will change. I have hope that you all will reach your fitness goals. I have hope that I will finally rearrange my closet the way I want it to look. No matter how big or small, you need to have hope in everything you do.

Hope is a powerful word and as you head toward 2012, please have hope in your heart at all times. Believe that things can always be brighter and more fabulous than ever. Hope is truly where the heart is….

Remember its not too late to enter yourself for our LITTLE BLACK DRESS challenge for our gals! All you need to do is send a picture of yourself now to and then by December 20th, send a picture of yourself in your most fabulous black dress! Prizes galore, are in store so I “HOPE” you are a part of it!

2 Responses to HOPE – Cathy’s Message

  1. My heart is full of Hope with this Team behind me! I believe in all of YOU, too! Together we can accomplish anything! Dig Deep! :)

  2. Hanging on HOPE here….holding on tight….trusting I won’t lose myself during the trial. I’m so thankful for the love and support of this amazing team.

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