Meet Our Men’s Coaches

Rob KnoxRob-Bio-pic1
My name is Rob Knox and I am the Men’s Head Coach for SOS and Cathy Savage Fitness (CSF). I have been involved with fitness for most of my life. For some of you, before you were born or knew what a weight was! I have been a drug -free competitive bodybuilder for over ten years and have trained dozens of people from every walk of life. I have been working in gyms for about 22 years and have been a gym owner/ head trainer for the last seventeen. As a gym owner and head personal trainer I have seen it all. You can learn more about my gym here:

Rob1-193x300In this time I have trained and coached numerous athletes, both professional and amateur, bodybuilders, figure women, models, professional dancers, weekend warriors and chances are someone just like you!

Lastly, I am here for you. You are the only one in the way of your success. I have the patience of a saint; no question is stupid so feel free to get in touch with me and ask away!

aaron1Aaron Hairston

An ex-professtional football player, I  started training individuals 7 years ago after a career in the sport.  I started motivational speaking for youth and young adults in 2011 and now I travel throughout the country speaking to individuals about creating a legendary future.

Aaron has competed in several fitness competitions placing in every one including taking first in 2013 Fitness New England Fitness Model Champion.  He has been featured in Essence Magazine and his passion for helping others is what drives him to live each day.   Aaron Hairston joined Cathy Savage Fitness as a Men's team coach with focus on growing the program with focus in Connecticut and Internationally.

marksMark Samara
Mark is a Muscle Mania Pro Body Builder, Muscle Mania, Model Champion, Cover of Status Magazine.

I started exercising and 'training' when I was 5 years old. Every morning I would run with my dad and practice pushups, situps and headstands with him in our living room. Inspired to get "squares on my stomach" after watching Stallone and Schwarzenegger on the big screen there was hardly a free moment when I wasn't hitting my punching bag, doing chinups in my room or running top speed down the street!

Playing various sports through school one thing remained constant, my love of training. There was nothing better than a secluded field, gym, or basement where I could sweat and strain and work until my body trembled knowing that I was going to better myself in some way. The exertion was sheer bliss. From basketball to martial arts to
bodybuilding, my love of physical culture is just as strong today as when I first started.