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Welcome to the month of April

We are living in a different world. faithlovehope

For REAL… Did I ever think I would say that? The last time I said that to you all, I was pregnant and the day was September 11th, 2001. However this is different. During 9/11 we roamed in the streets, arm in arm, hugging one another and providing physical comfort to friends and family.  I remember all of the members of congress standing on the steps of the capital and singing God Bless America, arm in arm. I remember the country mobilized to bring each other together.

This is different. Now we have cyber hugs. We are using FaceTime, Zoom, Skype and any type of video conferencing we can to stay connected. Thank you Steve Jobs and others for making so much of this a reality to still connect.

Our theme this month is HOPE. I want you to embed this into your brain every morning.

Hope has been the answer to any crisis in history.
Hope is how we handle each day that we stay at home.
Hope is how we pray for our health care workers, leaders, grocery clerks, police, firemen etc.
Hope is how we parent our children.
Hope is how the sick market will come back
Hope is how new businesses will be born.
Hope is how we look forward to the future.

We can choose to let this crisis overwhelm us or we can learn and grow more from it.
What do you want your role to be? Do you want to be a complainer or a supporter? Do you want to spread positivity or do you want to sit back and question every decision being made?
I believe our role now is to spread kindness one person at a time.  Reach out to the people you love or the people you haven’t talked to in a while.

We will get through this.

This month we have a series of intense home based workouts. If you do not have dumbbells, you can use soup cans. If you don’t have bands, we can give you modifications!
Email us if there is something you do not have and we will customize of course!!! We have the solutions to keep you focused on your health goals!! This will bring you to an elite level of conditioning. You will also find that focusing on sheer body weight will make you feel SO different and it will actually have many advantages!! We have had former champions test this workout and they were AMAZED at how good they felt when they went full force!!!! It may look easy but if you focus on form and going with full intensity, and urgency you will LOVE IT!

I am telling you right now- the world will NOW be more focused on being as healthy as possible. This provides you the opportunity if you choose, to be that example for others.
I will be showing you all how to be healthier and how to keep others healthier.

For our members, we are going to be doing a FREE 30 day Certification for you all to be a Lifestyle Coach. You will learn more during the first week in April. This has been on my heart and now is the perfect time for us to provide our gifts to each other and to the world. I have been working on this for some time and I can not think of a better time to GIVE this to you all.

We were hoping to have our brand new interactive website ready in April. We still are hoping to have it ready for late April-Early May.  It is going to be incredible and so efficient. Workouts will soon look different and will be in VIDEO form for you all. And best of all, a surprise about coming during this month. Innovation is here and we are ready to take the next level with you!

For the workouts, I want you to take them as seriously as possible! Stay within the structured day as best you can! Don’t miss a workout and stay true to the goals you have set for yourself!

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