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Welcome to October

Usually we talk about scary things, trick or treat and ghost stories. However, I think we have seen our share of “scary” for the year. I think we are all set…….So instead I am not saying this isfallwithiphone
the month of “THRILL”. I say this is the month of POSSIBILITY. The past six months have made some of us feel like we are in limbo-what a terrible place to be! So it ends now!! No. More waiting for our big break, our bold goals or for someone to save us…

We have what it takes to GO FOR OUR DREAMS! I have loved chatting with you all on our 15 minute zoom chats! If you haven’t booked your session, email me at
so we can talk about your goals or ANYTHING you want!! These are such a hit and from what I am here, you are all gaining clarity from them!! Therefore, I am going to occasionally wave them into the membership for you!
Speaking of membership, I am really excited to FINALLY be launching MOTHERSHIP…now before you think it’s just another MOMS program-guess again… It actually is not about that…. I will be revealing MOTHERSHIP this month, and I will tell you all about it very soon. For now think of it as a BIG JAR of WISDOM!! It is a huge step toward my personal legacy and something you all will benefit from greatly. Your goals, your life, your future matters to me- it’s not just about what you are eating and what you aren’t eating- it is about WHO you are.. It is also about one of the best things about my program that you ABSOLUTELY can not find anywhere else! More on that soon!! We also have another upcoming program entitled BEST OF ME coming closer to the holidays! You are just going to adore all these new features!

So this month, I have some goodies!! Check out our 20 minute blasts!!! These programs are short, intense and home based. I know many of you can’t get back to the gym or heck, you may not even WANT to go back so we are giving you a variety to choose from!

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