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Welcome to October!!!

I love October! It is one of my favorite months. I feel people are finally back to somewhat of a structured schedule and Fall is in the air- at least fallwithiphoneit is where I live!
This month, we want you to complete 4 sets (time permitting) of our Thriller workout. Why? Because we want to start the building process NOW- This is the time of the year when QUALITY matters! We are nearing the holiday season and I want more muscle on your body so that you can burn more calories! Don’t worry, it is not scary- let it be a “thrill ride” and play the soundtrack LOUD!

We are working on creating some new and exciting features of our membership. Your goals and lifestyle are so important to us!
Look for more enhancements as we head closer to 2020!
It’s a whole new era and we are so glad you are a part of it!

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