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Welcome To November

Our theme this month may be obvious but it is needed more than ever. This month we are THANKFUL for blessings that may not havthankful_leafe been so obvious a year ago. I know so many of you have challenges you are dealing with. As I always say, our ability to FIND THE GOOD helps us get through what we are dealing with.

While this is indeed a challenge to have this attitude of gratitude all the time, it is our best defense of making it through even the hardest of times! The ability to shift to gratitude is mastery at its finest. We take it another step forward by asking ourselves to confront our fear of uncertainty. This can be scary- this is when we realize our own personal power. We take a deep breath and we forge through the storm. I know many of you are doing that now. I’m blessed to be on this journey with so many of you.
Life feels really hard for everyone- time more than others. There is also so much uncertainty in the air. While our country battles each other, we MUST rise above and be the light. We can’t get sucked into the mean spirited hearts. We must carefully choose kindness and love, no matter what happens in the political world. I truly believe one person can make a difference in areas that serve others. We do not have to be shouting on social media. Together, let’s be the voice of love!!

So you will see some awesome changes as we evolve into amazingness in our programming! First we have more features in our monthly packet for you! Consider this your neighborhood of nice things!
We also have a streamlined spreadsheet of the workouts for you. So now you have the beautiful packet with videos but the quick on the go spreadsheet that you can either print or just screen shot all in one shot… We also have the videos in a screenshot too…

So as I announced a few weeks ago, we are all going to combine our goal into NEW YEAR’S AT NOON!! On December 31st at NOON EST we are going to celebrate the year virtually! Yes I said CELEBRATE… We are here.. We are alive… We are breathing… We made it… It was messy and chaotic.. it was sad….it was challenging: But we are here and we need to celebrate…. So each week leading up to December 31st, we need to be super mindful of staying on track!!

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