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Welcome To March

crocusDo you feel like you are marching into March? I sure do! I mean what other month is a NOUN and a VERB!!! Our theme this month, therefore, is all about

March is thought of, as a month of awakening and rebirth. It conjured up the notion of something great is coming, and change is in the air.
 I truly feel this way about our team! I have felt a new resurgence in our meaning and purpose.
 I feel empowered to make changes for the greater good in the fitness world. I want our sisterhood to lead the way of change and to speak out and UP on the absolute “over-sensualization” going on in our industry.
Our brand is about STRENGTH and SISTERHOOD! This is why we are making impactful changes!!
Im  excited to be partnering with so many like-minded professionals in the fitness world for change.
 I am also looking forward to some upcoming events that will turn the fitness world into a new place for women to express themselves where THEY are in full control!
As the great Bette Davis said, “Gentlemen fasten your seatbelts”….
We are taking over!!

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