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Welcome to June

Our Theme for June is REVIVAL!!petals floating

Here again, in historical times. But there seems to be some glimmers of hope as we see more gyms opening up. For this reason, we are including both a home and gym style workout!! Use the home workouts as functional this month if you are doing the gym workouts! Lifestyle coaching certification is going great! Be sure to check out the calls we have already had in the facebook group! We store them there until our new website is completed!! (hoping for mid June)

We will have another month of certification calls to help educate you on the coaching industry and ideas you may want to implement for your future! Please always reach out to us if you need anything during these crazy times.

You are NOT ALONE! This time has given me such clarity on where I want to go with our membership and the value we want to share with you and the rest of the world. Our positive healthy voice is needed!!! Let this time in history remind us of all of the GOOD… Let’s focus there!!

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