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Welcome to June

Welcome to June! If you are like me, you can feel the RUSH of the year flying by. It seems like yesterday we womenandkidswere talking about the Valentines Day. How did this happen? Are we really in fast motion? I actually feel like we are in warp speed. Life is seriously a rollercoaster right now but as chaotic as it feels, we have to look at the positive side.

I remember this famous scene in an old movie called PARENTHOOD. Yes, I’m showing my age. But when I feel overwhelmed I always revert back to this scene. Please check it out when you can.

So do you want to ride the rollercoaster or the merry-go-round- its your choice!  Grandma sure is smart in that scene isn’t she??

It is all about your perspective!  We can fasten our seatbelts and just GO or we can stay safe where we are. This month, I want you to look at your life as excitement instead of overwhelming.  There has never been a better time to GO FOR IT. We plan to equip you with everything you need to get to where you want to be!

I want you to buy a fresh notebook and write down the words “I WILL” and start writing. Let’s talk about endless possibilities and toss away limiting beliefs.

Our theme this month is FULL THROTTLE.  We are no longer standing still. Its time to make our dreams come true!

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