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Welcome To June

Welcome to June! This month, our theme is DETERMINATION!vegaswhitedress

We are knee deep in GOAL season! From shows, to parties, to weddings to races, to photoshoots, to graduations- tired yet?

Hey listen, dont think of this time in your life as BUSY.
Instead, look at this time to be described as exciting!
Coach Kim said to go BIG with your goals so I challenge you to go BIGGER than ever with your goal this month. It needs to be scary as heck.
This is the time of the year when it becomes so easy to take your foot off the gas.
Keep your eyes on the vision of what you want your best body to be- as well as your best life.
Our upcoming mindset classes are going to be life changing and you NEED them.
We have a team wide branding masterclass coming up during the first week in June. You cant miss it!
Im most excited to have our October BE AMAZING event registration open. What a weekend this will be!
So much to look forward to!
Lets have our best month yet!

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