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Welcome To July

Our theme for July may seem simplistic but it is ABSOLUTELY what the world needs now….MORE THAN EVER and it is LOVEbeachheart

February is usually the month devoted to love. However, I truly feel this world needs to be reminded of  self love and love for one another. 

It is all too easy to turn to the negative and tragic things happening in our world today- These days, I’m spending less time on social media and more time engaging in meaningful conversations and of course, family. 

I remember saying to you a few short weeks ago, that this pandemic changed me. Well, I can layer another change on top of the health crisis. The pain the world is feeling now has also changed me. People are hurting, people are scared, people are sad, people are lost. This requires a great deal of healing and it has left an imprint within me as I’m sure it has for you as well. 

Well here is where WE come in.  We can be LOVE warriors. We can flood our lives with the audacity of spreading love wherever we go, and encourage others to do the same. Now, if you are rolling your eyes, and thinking “Cathy I just want ABS….I’m not about all this self love stuff”. 

I get it and I understand.  But ladies, there MUST be something more than looking good. It can’t be just that. 

Do the workouts, checkin, follow your nutrition, do your meditations, sleep well, hydrate- you know all of this already- BUT for a LONG LASTING… LIFE CHANGING transformations, it begins with SELF LOVE and LOVE TOWARD ONE ANOTHER. 

So this month we are going to work on this like never before. We want to recommend books about racial justice, unity, history, love and more. If you have any books that you think may be good for the group, please let us know! We will be recommending some as well.  If you are looking for a great movie, I would recommend LOVING. You will be awestruck. It is a true story and an important part of American history. 

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