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Welcome to February

Our theme will not be a surprise to you. Its is LOVE. I tend to use this word a great deal. Why? Because to me, it is VITAL for life. Love comes from within and once it overflowslove, it radiates outward.
I remember watching the Grinch Who Stole Christmas as a kid and my parents would always say “The Grinch never knew love until he felt it within. Once he felt it, he couldn’t fight it”
How true is that?
With all the craziness and negativity in the world, it is easy to stay cynical. Perhaps you have been hurt or betrayed. I know. I have been there as well. However if we look to the silver lining of every circumstance, we can find the beauty among the ashes. We can find purity in even the worst of situations. We can find the love even in the most hateful of circumstances.
It is a true talent to be in alignment with your love thermometer. But once you can “find your love” within, so many new circumstances will open up for you. So, raise a glass to LOVE. And share it wherever you go. You can be the change for a “grinch” out there.

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