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Welcome to February!

Our theme for this month is LOVE YOURSELF … which may be obvious but to me, it matters more than ever now! Why are we so harsh in our standards for ourselves lovewhen it comes to love but we can easily love anyone else who is less than perfect. Somehow we think there is something wrong with us if we aren’t perfect!

This is so warped!! I know you agree!

This is the beginning of our wonderful enhancements to our evolving membership!!
We are not just about the body! We are not just about training and nutrition, rocking a shoot or magazine cover, or winning a trophy.


Therefore, our membership must encompass EVERYTHING!
We are Moms, Grandmothers, Daughters, Sisters, Aunties, Fur Baby Moms. We are career women, we are stay at home Moms, we are students, we are entrepreneurs- We are Ambassadors of Life.

You will still be checking in every week (with our flagship membership). Nutrition and Training questions are still what we need to assure you are on point.
But starting this month, you will see more education, more masterminds and deep dives into the things we all deal with.
Relationships, careers, business, stress, sleep, finances-all of it!

For someone to be truly healthy, they need to make sure they are paying attention to all of these aspects of life.

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