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Here we are. The final month of a historic year. We are nearing the end of 2020. It has been a year we will never forget. What started out as a 2 week lockdown has resulted in so much more than fallcandlesthat. Ladies, I have to say I’m proud of you. You made it. Sure it may have been messy and chaotic but here you are.

This month is all about INTUITION. As we ring in the last month of this year, I want to summon your best intuitive skills. The definition of intuition is a thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning. It’s like a hunch or a gut feeling.

I want you to use your intuition with your current thoughts. Are you speaking love and belief into your own life? Or are you putting yourself down? Are you thinking of making improvements to your current career? Fitness regimen? Relationships? How about training? Do you KNOW you can do that extra rep or extra set? You have that hunch that working a little harder will yield greater results? How about nutrition? Oh yes, it’s ALL about intuitive eating my friend!

I have created an amazing guide that will be a tremendous array of support as you learn more about my philosophy. In fact you will learn about how the early days of competition training led to my own signature style of intuitive nutrition. I think you will be interested in how SAVAGE has managed to create a specific style with winning results! You will hear more about this during the second week in December!

Stay tuned for my facebook live on Tuesday December 1st as we review how amazing your nutrition is going to flow this month! Yes, even with the holidays, you are going to be in full control!!

ACTION BOARDS! We will be starting our boat early this year! Stay tuned to my December 1st fb live!

Finally, I am so excited for December 31st and our New Years at Noon EST zoom call! I hope you can join us as we say goodbye to 2020 and ring in the new year! On this call, I will be giving you your WORD for 2021!! I can’t wait to celebrate with you!

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