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Welcome to August

Welcome to the month of August. We are dedicating this month to the word “Clarity”clarity_camera

The last few months have been different things to different people. From the struggle, to despair, to tragedy, to blessings, to new careers- and more in between.

We all have been impacted personally by this virus and by world events.
There is so much hate and anger, as well as too many arguments and misunderstandings.

This “Season” has been one of tremendous clarity for me. I have been so inspired by people and also so disappointed by others. Humanity is never perfect so we focus on the ones we care about. The ones who love us and the ones we love.  I am super clear on this!

Are you clear on how you want the rest of the year to go? What things can you control right now in your life? How can you plan ahead? What do you want to focus on? We will be having discussions about this topic all month!

We have a great workout- home based and gym accents as well! We know some of you are still wor
king out from home so we are accommodating.

So let us get clear on our goals this month and attack them!

We are completing our LifeStyle Coaching program this month! I’m so excited for everyone who has plugged in!


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