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Welcome To April

Welcome to April. The season of spring is in the air and this always brings renewal, positive vibes, and a sense of new things happening for the good. Our theme for this month is called the “RENEWAL”. however
Enough of being worn out, enough of working so hard, enough of the pain and strain. People represents the awakening of a new spirit, sensible goals and an intention to make our health a priority.

Our April workouts are customized through your intensity and your intention.

We are in this for the long-haul, long after you have your moment at a photo shoot, on stage or whatever goal you are striving for- you want lifelong results!!!

This month we are adding 10 minute mini yoga videos that we love to your program. We would love it if you worked on these at least three times a week. Everyone has an extra 10 minutes, right??

We also are going heavy on mindset. I know so many of us struggle each day with stress, family obligations, comparison, career ambitions, friendships, love, and everything that life throws at us. We can’t control what is being presented to us but we sure can change the way we deal with it.

We are on high alert so if you  need that extra mindset check you need to follow your plan, your workouts and of course our mindset weekly talks. They are priceless.

There is such a good feeling in the air.  Im attending a conference in a week to take our website and deliverables to YOU to epic, next level quality.

I can’t tell you how excited I am.

Here is a life lesson that I have learned over the last two months and I hope it can help you with whatever you may be dealing with.
Often times, what seems as a hardship can turn into a salvation. I truly believe that things happen for a reason and that better things can come from it. It is quite challenging when you are going through the pain, but if you hang in there and keep moving forward for the right reasons, with full integrity, you   will agree that some things happen FOR you and not TO you.

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