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Welcome To April

Apri is here!  The word April comes from the Latin word aperire peoniesmeaning “to open” referring to a spring season, blossoming of the flowers, trees, and leaves. April reflects high energy in abundance and it is a great time to “start fresh”. I truly feel this vibration in air! My wish is for you to make this month all about healthier living and raising your consciousness of living in the moment.

Show season is finally here, weddings and showers, celebrations and graduations -you name it. It is either HERE NOW or right around the corner. The time is now to step up our game in all aspects of your life. We must take a stand for what we want but be willing to work for what we want.
We are excited about our new programs, including our 4 week virtual experience, our business masterminds and the continuous additions to our flagship month membership program!  If you need any help or want to learn more about our programming, we are here to help! 


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