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Welcome September

Our theme this month is Alignment. We are going to discuss many ways this word translates to everything inseptember our lives.  

I want you to ask yourself, “Am I in alignment with what I want for my life? Am I living my best life? Am I ready to make the changes needed to live the way I want to?”

For example- If I want to make healthy changes- then why is it hard for me to stick to my Savage plan? If I want to be an empowered woman, why am I hanging out with toxic people?  If I want a new career, why am I not looking for new possibilities? 

Alignment is so clarifying. This is why accountability is so crucial to the process. It is so easy to make a statement and explain WHY we aren’t in alignment. Let us hold you to your words We are there to remind you of what you want and all that you can be. Once you are aligned with who and what you want to be in this world, the pieces will all fall into place. 

We will be discussing how the workouts this month align with your body goals. how your mindset needs to be in alignment with living your best life and how food can keep you aligned to looking and feeling your best!

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