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Welcome February

Welcome to February.  Naturally, our theme for the this month is LOVE!love

 We know there are many different types of love, as we know. To me, it all begins with self love.
It has been said that you can not be loved by someone without having self love, but in order to give love, it must be internal first. When this happens, love radiates outside of you, attracting people who yearn for that kind of vibration.
I have written this before when I talk about LOVE, and I can’t help but bring up my parents.  There is a reason why I always end a conversation with “I love you”. This was an imprint in my family from my parents. Imagine if we all created this vibration to everyone we encountered? If you feel this is something you need help with, then you are in the right place here, with our sisterhood. This year, let LOVE lead the way into your decisions, your career, your health goals and your relationships! Can you feel the love? I sure do!!!


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