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Welcome February

Welcome to the season of LOVE. While it sounds pretty obvious to have this month’s theme be “LOVE,” it has a deeper meaning this time. 

Two red hearts in encirclement others (3D, for printing and WEB)
Two red hearts in encirclement others (3D, for printing and WEB)

I chose songs about LOVE in our soundtrack to pump you up this month!

As you know, February is heart health month so we want to really focus this month on our cardiovascular health. Can you accept the challenge to walk 6 days per week this month? If you are an experienced walker, you want to walk 2 miles a day!! If you aren’t used to walking, start out at 10 minutes and gradually bring it up so that by the end of the month you are walking easily for 2-3 miles per day!! This is your cardio goal!! If you are a runner, then you run this!!  If you are a gym goer we want you to do 1-2  functionals per week and if you are a home, we want 4-5 functionals per week!  Most of all we want you to be SAFE!! We will get through this time of unrest and I’m excited for my new projects of MotherShip and the Savage 7 Standards! They are taking a while longer as I don’t want to rush the process! 

Love yourself enough ladies, to not feel the pressure of a schedule that takes time!  Breathe deep through each day and be grateful. With so many hardships in the world today, please don’t stress over that brownie or that extra carb. Instead, remind yourself that you are deeply loved and you are worth more than a number, a calorie or a percentage. 

The final song on our soundtrack is by my favorite band BTS- the song is in English and Korean… but my favorite part of the song has words that go like this: 

Loving myself might be harder

Than loving someone else

Let’s admit it

The standards I made are more strict for myself

The me of yesterday, the me of today, the me of tomorrow
(I’m learning how to love myself)
With no exceptions, it’s all me

Oh, how true!! 

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