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Stop Blocking Your Joy

So many get used to the life they live, whether they’re happy with it or not. Do you feel like sometimes you just settle because you have so many things swirling around you. So you settle, without making an attempt at changing them.

jumpingwomenJust because you’re used to something, doesn’t mean you don’t feel the negative effects from sucking it up.

You might not even realize that something is preventing you from truly achieving personal satisfaction. To really be truly satisfied in your life, you will have to try to figure out what’s causing you to be unsatisfied in life.

It could be a wide variety of things, from a person in your life to a career path you wish you hadn’t taken. Think about what parts of your day you really dread the most. Then, figure out what’s causing that dread.

Is it the activity itself, or perhaps a person involved with it? You might be working a job that you once thought was good, but now dread going to.

Maybe it’s coming home from work to a family member that you can’t stand. You have to identify the source before you can solve the problem. Once you identify what’s holding you back from attaining satisfaction, you have to figure out how you’re going to address it.

If it’s a person, you might have to figure out how to talk to them about the behavior that is bothering you OR find a way to cut them out of your life.

If it’s your job that’s causing you stress, figure out are there changes you can make to your current position or decide what job or niche you’d be happy with, and work toward it. Once you identify and address what’s keeping you from achieving satisfaction, you’ll become much more successful in all of your endeavors.

Instead of waking up in the morning worrying about some part of your day, you’ll wake up with a positive attitude, which will help you work harder and better. A positive attitude is absolutely necessary for success, and you can’t be positive if there are major sources of negativity in your life.

There might be some initial doubt and worry about making a big change like this, but you have to balance the positives and negatives of changing your life.

Cheers to your success

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