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October Message

Welcome to October! Did someone say Pumpkin Spice or Butternut Squash? Plaids, boots and scarves?bench-fall-park-rest-40884

Depending on where you live, you may see the fashion change, the foods turn more to comfort treats and the “always annoyingly” early arrival of ¬†Halloween candy loading the shelves! Our Fall fitness goals are in full swing but it can be a little tricky to keep your motivation without a solid goal! This is why we work so hard on a positive mindset as well as clear missions and goals.
Our theme for the month is INTENTION.  As we approach the holiday season of giving, we want to rely upon a purpose greater than ourselves. As a team, we have already helped out victims of the recent natural disasters and we plan to do more! We are traveling to Tampa for CAMP SAVAGE this January and we plan to hold some fundraising style activities while we are there. When we are setting a personal goal to compete, starting a business or undergoing any type of transformation, we often lose sight of the world around us. As a team, we will be sure to practice gratitude each and every day with purpose to help others. Never forget that there is someone watching you and becoming inspired by you. We intend to make this our purpose to uplift others, love one another and make this world a better, and healthier place. That is our best intention!

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