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November Ray Of Light: Lori Luckie

Lori Luckie full body shotWhere are you from ? I am from Hawthorne, NY
What is something about yourself that we might not know? I am the middle child of 5 in a large Italian American family. Last summer my husband and I took a trip to Italy to see family. It had been 37 years since I was last there. It was a wonderful experience that I will always treasure!
How long have you been a Savage Girl and why did you join? I was first introduced to Cathy Savage through the Isagenix Accountability Facebook group in September 2018.
I would see her FB lives and was drawn to her. She was relatable and really hitting home on issues I was facing. I was looking for help with battling the changes in my body from menopause. It seemed nothing worked like before. I was feeling sluggish, frumpy, fluffy, soft and just old. I joined one of her specialty programs and learned so much and started feeling and seeing results. I then decided to attend her Savage Camp in March 2019 (I took my daughter along for the experience) and was hooked! We both became part of the Savage Sisterhood and never looked back! Cathy and the team provided me with guidance, knowledge, accountability, and empowerment. Since March 2019 I’ve set several goals and achieved them. I’ve dropped 2 sizes and 10 to 15 lbs (I don’t weigh myself so this is a guess), I’ve tightened up my body, feel stronger and less tired, and practice gratitude every day. Being part of the Savage Sisterhood has truly impacted so many areas of my life. It’s not just about my body; more importantly, it’s about my mindset and being able to live a healthy lifestyle day in and day out without feeling as if I’m depriving myself. I am forever grateful.
What advice would go give to someone just getting started with Cathy Savage Fitness? I would say trust the process. Work on shifting your perspective and not focusing on how you look; focus on how you feel. Set goals, as they will drive you, even if they are little ones, like increasing water intake by 1 or 2 glasses a week or adding 10 minutes to your daily walk … whatever will empower you to keep going.

I like ..…. walks on the beach

I eat …. most everything

I do ….. anything for my family

I am.….. blessed

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