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November Attitude of Gratitude

November is the month of Gratitude. It is so much more than saying “thank you.”  Gratitude can shift our lives from hopelessness and overwhelm, to hope, peace and bliss.  It is womenjournalingvital to practice daily gratitude because it is truly something that requires continuous education. When we practice gratitude regularly, we are able to shift quicker into a positive mindset especially when we are facing challenges.  An attitude of gratitude also, with clinical proof, can help us feel better, and decrease stress.  This is vital as we all aim to live our healthiest lifestyle. This month, keep a journal each day of things you are grateful for. Take it another step further and when you are faced with something to complain about, or a hardship or challenge- write that down as well. Execute a lesson that we teach our members. When you write about the challenge, then write the gratitude you feel and come up with a more positive way of looking at your life. For example: “I need to lose ten pounds and it’s so hard to stick to any plan”.  Now reframe it to “I’m grateful that I have the ability to find a healthy plan that will work for me. While I haven’t lost the weight, I know that I can find the tools to do so. When I lose the weight, I will help inspire others to do the same”

Try this exercise with any challenge you are facing. Keep me posted!



Milos Tonchevski

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