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Not Exercising Is A Bad Habit

You may not realize it, but you may have a bad habit. Getting regular exercise is considered a good habit, and therefore if you are not getting Gym Workoutregular exercise, that is a bad habit. The good news is that you can break this habit relatively easy.
To get back into the swing of things you don’t need to go to extremes to reap the benefits of exercise. You just need to be consistent and do it frequently. But, this does not mean that you should do it every single day. Three to four days of exercise, every week is going to be good enough for most people trying to make this a habit.

Here is where you would work with your coach to figure out how to make our workouts work for you and your life. Let her know what your goals are. Are you looking to lose some weight, feel more comfortable strength training or you want to have more energy and stamina.

As part of this community there is no need to go it on your own. Your coaches and your Salvage sisters are here to support you on your journey.

If you do nothing else but increase your walking, this is better than not doing any exercise at all. Therefore, if you continue to walk regularly, you may consider the bad habit broken. You know I love me a good walk. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you can walk one day per week and say that you’ve broken the habit though – because that is not enough. As previously stated you need at least three days per week.
You can build up your stamina over time by starting out with small durations and then increase the duration as your body gets used to your routine. Many people get the exercise bug and end up increasing their activity over time.

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